A Synthesis of Hyacinths and Biscuits

Don't Trust Fate, But I Hate Suprises

Easy To Amuse, Hard To Please
2 August 1985
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I am easily confused by: airport layouts, the gender binary, relationships, power dynamics, social niceties, small talk, directions, plumbing, and musical theory.
I have great love for: other people's pets, Italian jokes, stories about the apocalypse (especially if there's zombies involved), sarcasm, people who don't take themselves too seriously, books, umbrellas, words, and tea.
I believe: in love beyond all reason, in evolution, that humanity is capable of great achievements and great stupidity (usually in the same morning), that trees are way smarter than we know, that too much sunlight makes you crazy, that everyone has a story worth telling (and listening to)
I am unreasonably freaked out by: the ocean, large spiders, fish, and crab legs as food. EW.
I get really irritated by: blind idealism, dogmatic people, self-righteousness, anti-intellectualism, all sorts of politics, easily offended sensibilities.

I have an Archive of Our Own account, with a good chunk of my fanfic in it. I have a Tumblr that is mostly full of scantily clad women and cat gifs. And I have blog where I natter on about stuff and pretend that I'm a Real Writer.